One acts 2014

Publicity flyer 1 copyThe 2014 oneACTS will take place from May 12 to May 17 2014.

The plays in this year’s festival are:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Aunt Julie’s Funeral by Tim Harrison, Morning by Jane James, Stalkers by Madeleine Mason, When You’re A Boy by Imelda Topping and Sir Gwaine Colombelles by Tim Harrison

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: The Temp by Josephine McDermott, Changes by Ian Davies, The Visit by Graham Large and Windmills by Julie Anne Birkett

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Changes - Naomi Friedman, Charles Ranson, Siobhan Mattocks, Kira Palmer. Front Sandy Easby The Visit - Elaine Blackmore and Patricia MacAdam Windmills - Tina Mastrocola and Bill Pretty