Your Kingston ‘New Initiatives’ Grant

The cH has successfully applied for a New Initiatives grant from Kingston Arts to put towards a series of workshops or master classes for amateur musicians. Through the terms of the grant, professional musicians who are performing locally for Thames Concerts in Surbiton will, as part of their contract, give coaching sessions to young performers at the cornerHOUSE.

We are delighted to have Thames Concerts’ publicity and backing for the workshops, and the opportunity to establish something that will attract the attention of local musicians, whether teachers or professional and amateur performers.

The next workshop will take place on Sunday 11th June and will be be a Guitar Workshop on Sunday 11th June, in partnership with Thames Concerts and Kingston Arts. Participants will receive one-to-one coaching from professional guitarists Laura Snowden and Tom Ellis, and perform a piece if they wish in a short concert at the end of the afternoon. Details of the event can be found here.

Laura and Tom performed in Surbiton as part of the 2016 Thames Concert series. More information about Thames Concerts can be found on their website at