A Family Affair – Gala Night

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 :- (19:00 -21:00)

An exhibition of the work of three generations of artists and photographers, curated by Philippa Alexander. Alongside her own collage-style pieces, Philippa is exhibiting work by her mother Sally Spero, her sister Judith Spero and her two sons Peter and William Alexander. Philippa’s son Peter died at 28, but she has always wanted to show his work. 

In this exhibition of largely unseen work, one can trace the threads connecting the generations. Judith and Peter share a similar linear, architectural style; whilst Sally and Philippa both create decorative collage pieces. An ability to create an atmosphere ties Judith, Peter and William together, where the love of drawing and tree-making, connects Philippa’s work with that of Judith’s. Due to the variety of work, there is likely to be something that appeals to everyone in this exhibition.

Gala night is 6 February from 7pm