Create Without Paint

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 :- (19:30 -21:30)

Learn how to make digital art on your iPad

‘An iPad is simply a tool for art it’s how you use it that counts.’

Discover how to use your iPad as a powerful way of expressing your creative side!

Learn techniques in a friendly, supportive class environment with Hilary Walker, an experienced artist and teacher. Master a new technique each week and have the opportunity to practise your skills. You will learn to create stunning pictures using a wide range of brushes, colours and effects, enabling you to create pictures in a way that’s just not possible by other means. All you need is an iPad and the app Procreate.

Begin your digital journey, learn how to use your iPad for art and start to Create Without Paint!

8 week course every Tuesday evening at the cornerHOUSE

7.30 – 9.30pm

Starts Tuesday 25th April 2017

Fee: £120

More information on the Create Without Paint website

For course enquiries and to enrol email Hilary Walker at: